Crown cdi 2000 se apaga

images crown cdi 2000 se apaga

Do not block any ventilation openings. La salida de un canal sale por el mismo canal. Through the use of Green Power, the efficiency of the amplifier dramatically increases for lower audio signal reproduction. NOTE: Custom wiring should only be performed by qualified personnel. Es ist eine Verdrahtung der Klasse 2 erforderlich. Keep these instructions. La Figura 4. Do not operate the amplifier with less than the rated load impedance. All components must be shipped in a factory pack, which, if needed, may be obtained from us free of charge.

  • Crown COMTECH DRIVECORE CT Instruction manual

  • Trademark Notice: Crown, Crown Audio and Amcron are registered trademarks of CDi CDi CDi Series Operation Manual. CDi CDi Model Names: CDiCDiCDiCDi Crown se complacerá en brindar la ayuda necesaria. Conserve el empaque de envío como prueba del daño para la inspección del Pulse “Next” para encender o apagar el EQ. Trademark Notice: Crown, Crown Audio, and Amcron are registered XLS XLS XLS XLS XLS Series Operation Manual. Cuando se utiliza el "Modo Crossover", el amplificador está configurado para usar.

    o apagar fácilmente desde el panel frontal. e.g. IT, CDi, PCC
    Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. To bring the amplifier out of deep sleep, remove the ground closure via the AUX port. Turn down the Level controls.

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    The amplifier output level is so high that the power supply circuit breaker has tripped. See packing instructions that follow. Crown DCi 8 N Specifications.

    images crown cdi 2000 se apaga
    The AC mains voltage and current must be sufficient to deliver the power you expect.

    Never connect the output to a power supply, battery or power main. Turn down the Level controls. When this form is used to register your product, it may be mailed or faxed.

    images crown cdi 2000 se apaga

    Algunos modelos pueden exportarse bajo el nombre de Amcron.

    The CDi Series amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for installed sound applications. The series includes four models which are identical except.

    Crown COMTECH DRIVECORE CT Instruction manual

    Crown Audio website at Specifications. Output Power: See power charts below. Voltage Gain at 1kHz: XTi dB. XTi ​. To obtain the latest version of this manual, please visit the Crown website at www​ Trademark Cuando el amplificador se enfría lo suficiente, el LED se apaga y vuelve al audio. MODEL e.g.

    IT, CDi, PCC
    Es ist eine Verdrahtung der Klasse 2 erforderlich. NO bloquee las ventilaciones frontales, superiores ni laterales. The amplifier will turn back on when the AC line voltage returns to safe operating levels.

    images crown cdi 2000 se apaga

    L'amplificateur ComTech vous offre : 1. Los amplificadores ComTech DriverCore ofrecen: 1.

    images crown cdi 2000 se apaga
    Do not attempt to disable this ground connection by using an adapter or other methods.

    If you do not have the original box, please call Crown at Allumer le bouton d'alimentation. Es necesario utilizar un transformador externo para las aplicaciones Hi-Z. Units unclaimed after 30 days become the property of Crown Audio Inc.

    Compruebe las cargas inferiores a 4 ohmios y niveles de entrada excesivos. The amplifier is 1. Turn down the Level controls.

    Crown CE Instruction manual. It is necessary to use an outboard transformer for Hi-Z applications. Enclose the completed Crown Audio Factory Service Information form or securely attach it to the outside of carton and re-seal the shipping pack with a sturdy carton sealing tape.

    images crown cdi 2000 se apaga
    EM CODE 99251 DOLLY
    All components must be shipped in the original box.

    Allow amplifier to cool. If the amplifier enters a fault or thermal condition, the Amplifier Status signal will terminate. This is to prevent transformer saturation. Repairs and replacement parts provided under the terms of this Crown Warranty shall carry only the unexpired portion of this Crown Warranty.

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    1. It does not cover every aspect of installation, setup, or operation that might occur under every condition. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other.

    2. When Amp Configuration Switch 5 is set to on pushed upthe amplifier will utilize the limiter feature.

    3. The field is strongest just above and below the unit. We recommend you use the original pack material when returning the product for repair.