Kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels

images kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels

One fitter who has been recommended is Jim Botsford at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club but, thus far, I have been unable to get in touch with him. Jon was very pleasant to work with and incorporated a shooting lesson into the fitting. I've heard complaints about Bodsford and seen some if his work. LOP is for getting your head in the right place on the stock more than anything. Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect. This- in addition to the variance between the appropriate length of pull on a 2 trigger, straight stocked SxS Jon uses a double trigger SxS try gun vs. Moderator: mike orlen. As for the "long" length of pull. I'll be interested in hearing how the gun fits you once Jon gets done with it. Recent Posts.

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  • Kiowa Creek Sporting Club. Shot size no larger than 7 1/2 and 1 1/8 oz of shot 3 1/4 dram powder when shooting sporting clays.

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    We do not throw targets if it is. Our purpose at Kiowa Creek is to provide a place where you are always welcome​. Whether you're brushing up your shooting skills on our professionally. Clay Shooting | Get advice and tips from the pros at Beretta.

    images kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels

    I admit that I was worried when I looked around the gun shop's tremendous inventory. Topics: Clay Shooting, Hunting - Upland, Hunting - Turkey, hunting - waterfowl Cynthia teaches at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club outside of Denver and is.
    Ask The Gunwriters.

    I have not rung it out since that modification. Posted: Thu Oct 14, pm.

    Even in school one of our instructors tries to get us to determine it off arm length. Thicker clothing would result in a need for a slightly shorter LOP. It is a tad heavy at 6 10oz which makes it the easiest 20 ga of 4 SxS's including a AYA 2 and a Grulla I own to shoot well at sporting clays.

    images kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels
    Single Shots.

    The sporting style pad is nice but stiff.

    I recently had the stock bent for more cast off which should improve shootability. View Profile.

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    Jerry - great suggestion. Diamond Grade.

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    Posted: Wed Oct 13, pm.

    Kiowa Creek Sporting Club - E County Road 30, Bennett, Colorado We pro-rate our target prices so you can shoot as few or as many targets as. This is pretty much my dream gun so I want to shoot it as well as has been recommended is Jim Botsford at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club but.

    and Dinner - Hunting Hills Shooting Preserve near Pittsburgh - Friday June 28, Clay Classic at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club near Denver - Friday July 19 - Tens of Thousands of Dollars worth of Guns, Door Prizes and Auction Items 2 Person Spring Turkey Hunt; 2 Person Night time Hog and Predator Hunt.
    However, the vast majority of shooters without exceptional visual, mental and physical skills will shoot better when they use the shooting form taught by coaches and trainers across the country.

    I often use quick reply. Posted: Thu Oct 14, pm. As many approach the stand at the range, they think of their scores, winning a shoot, or how to prepare for hunting season.

    images kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels

    Well, I appreciate all of the feedback, pm's and emails. They won't suit everyone of course.

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    Randall, I received your PM and have attempted to reply to you with another PM but keep receiving an error message which reports that I attempted to send my PM to too many recipients.

    images kiowa creek turkey shoot barrels
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    And the one real nice thing is starting with a longer LOP, if you find you'd rather it be shorter, it's easier to fix.

    It also has been a real effective pheasant gun over pointing dogs. Can't wait to get my "new" gun back and start to take advantage of the fitting. Also there has been a trend for a few years of going to longer and longer lengths of pull. As for the "long" length of pull.

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