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But apparently Lord Brahma did because he describes it. It is an outfit made entirely of rubies and diamond. In that case they would be known as creators of all the universes. This place is difficult to attain because of the rarity of this type of mood. That place sa is all-pervading. Visnu alone remains after pralaya. After seeing the beautiful bodily features of Lord Krsna, they all contemplated that He was the ultimate dexterous creation of Brahma, the creator of human beings.

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  • “Sri Brahma-Samhita” by His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati.

    BrahmaSamhita Jiva g Brahman Krishna

    Thakura. . This meaning of the mantra has also been corroborated by. Sri.

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    Sri Brahma-samhita is a collection (samhita) of prayers spoken by Brahma at the the goddess Durga, the meaning of austerity, the five gross elements, love of. Brahma-saṁhitā is provided by Śrīla Prabhupāda, founder-ācārya of the. Kṛṣṇa highest goal, the goddess Durgā, the meaning of austerity, the five gross.
    Not the postal peon, but the government. He attains enjoyment only with his svarpa-akti, Ram, his internal potency tman ramay.

    Introduction to Sri Brahma Samhita Romapada Swami Talks

    When very elevated persons become situated in spontaneous love of God, their mood may change. Since the form of eternity, knowledge and bliss of the Lord is perfect and intrinsic, that form is non-different from him. Gajendra was likewise liberated after some time by the mercy of Lord Vishun. Related to the description of iva as gunvatra, Visnu as gunvatra is now described.

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    Though he continuously treats all other inhabitants of Goloka with intense love, regarding them as his very self akhila-tmabhtahhe resides only with the gops tbhir eva nivasati.

    It governs all of the other verses of that text just like an emperor governs many kings.

    Sri Brahma Samhita

    TEXT 3 4 93 T h e t r u t h of the m a t t e r is t h a t he is avicintya-tattva: inconceivable. The meaning would be "The Lord, with a desire to create the universes, having discharged his time energy, enjoys with this internal energy. In transcendental jubilation, he mentally collected ten thousand cows and distributed them. She who is controlled by niyatih the Lord is called Ram.

    Cover of Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī's translation of the Brahma Saṁhitā (1st edition, ).

    The Brahma Saṁhitā is a Sanskrit Pañcarātra text, composed of verses of prayer spoken by The recovered fragment of the Śrī Brahma-samhitā commences at the fifth chapter, whose first verse states: īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ.

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    The Brahma Samhita is a Sanskrit text, comprised of verses of prayer spoken by "govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami" meaning "I worship Govinda. Official Name: Brahma Samhita Spoken By: Lord Brahma to Lord Govinda Book Name: Brahma Samhita (Section: TRANSLATION 1) Krsna who is known as.
    Thus he lives constantly with them.

    images sri brahma samhita translation dictionary

    Nryana is iva. You may also like. With their eyes they always drink the nectar of Lord Krsna's form. I, the embodiment of all devas, do not leave that forest for a moment, though I appear and disappear in this world age after age.

    Sri brahma samhita translation dictionary
    She is the embodiment of all women, possesses all beauty, and is the supreme bewilderer.

    F o u r verses describe this. Lord Brahma similarly, after the brahma-vimohana-lilaoffers his prayers to Krishna. T h i s Mah-visnu lies in yoganidr in this ocean. In other words, he is all-pervading.

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    1. In this prayer Lord Brahma is disclosing what the abode of Krishna is like. Or the meaning can be as follows.