Staurosporine apoptosis hela cells

Use at an assay dependent concentration. On the other hand, we show that p53, whose activity is modulated by pifithrin-alpha, isolated as a suppressor of pmediated transactivation, or by PRIMA-1 p53 reactivation and induction of massive apoptosisthat reactivates mutant p53, causes cytochrome c release as well as mitochondrio-nuclear AIF translocation in staurosporine-induced apoptosis of cervical carcinoma cells. Datasheet References Protocols Overview. Submit a review Submit a question. The dose and conditions under which an anticancer drug is efficient in killing the cancer cells and the specific pathways that control cancer cell survival need to be determined. Our laboratory has reported that p53 is a key contributor of mitochondrial apoptosis in cervical carcinoma cells after staurosporine exposure. We firstly exposed U cells to staurosporine at 0. Cancer Res 60 : - Understanding the mechanisms by which staurosporine targets CDKs and cell cycle pathways, as well as the signalling network controling proliferation and apoptosis is of great importance for improving the treatment of various types of cancer.

  • HeLa Apoptosis Lysate Set StaurosporineTreated and VehicleTreated Control

  • HeLa cells (HPV positive, wild-type p53) and C33A cells (HPV negative, mutated p53) to a protein kinase inhibitor, the staurosporine (ST). We show that ST can.

    images staurosporine apoptosis hela cells

    Confluent HeLa cells were treated with either the vehicle (DMSO, %) or staurosporine (1 uM) for 4 hours. Cells were pelleted then lysed with Lysis Buffer ( Here, we have studied events linked to the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway.

    RESULTS: Staurosporine can induce death of HeLa cells via a.
    Phosphorylation of the threonine residue, mediated by phosphositide-dependent kinase 1, is essential for AKT activation, whereas phosphorylation of the serine residue enhances the AKT activity approximately fold There are currently no Customer reviews or Questions for ab We observed a significant decrease in the expression of cyclin B1 and CDK1 in U cells treated with 0.

    The rate of early apoptosis in cells treated with staurosporine was 2-fold higher compared with that in control cells Figure 1B. These data suggested that activation of caspase-3 correlated well with the proportion of apoptosis.

    images staurosporine apoptosis hela cells

    It is possible that Erk and Akt survival signalling pathways contribute in part to staurosporine-induced apoptosis.

    In the present study, we studied the effects of the specific conditions of staurosporine on the cell cycle and on specific cyclins and CDKs.

    Our Cookie Policy explains how you can opt-out of the cookies we use. Staurosporine, a protein kinase inhibitor with broad specificity, enhances the cytotoxic effects of various antitumor agents with different modes of action.

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    Leukemia 14 : - Send me a copy of this email. A major obstacle in leukemia therapy is the emergence of treatment-resistant cells.

    Treatment of U cells with staurosporine at 0.

    Staurosporine-induced apoptosis of HPV positive and negative human cervical In the present study, we compare the sensitivity of CaSki and HeLa cells (HPV. Materials and Methods: The effect of staurosporine on apoptosis and cell cycle distribution in human leukemic cell line U cells was determined. U cells​. Apoptotic cells were determined by the propidium iodide method as .

    staurosporine-induced movement of Bax and apoptosis in HeLa cells.
    Staurosporine at 0.

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    HeLa Apoptosis Lysate Set StaurosporineTreated and VehicleTreated Control

    Expression of p21 was undetectable in U cells data not shown. Interestingly, staurosporine induced a much pronounced increase in the rate of late apoptotic cells.

    Staurosporine apoptosis hela cells
    Datasheet SDS. Background: Staurosporine is a therapeutic agent that inhibits tumor cell growth by inducing cell death via intrinsic apoptotic pathways. It is commonly used to induce apoptosis in experimental settings, although the mechanism is not fully understood.

    Advertisement Hide. We examined the activation of caspase-3 by staurosporine using immunoblot analysis.

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